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Your brand name can become your most valuable asset so protect your BRAND in Australia & International markets. Simply fill out the trademark enquiry form and receive a personalised trademark budget.

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    Fast track your opportunity for success by outsourcing your commercialisation services to our expert team. Simply fill out the IP & Commercial services enquiry form and receive a personalised commercialisation proposal of how we can support your needs in seeking business opportunities for your innovation.

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    The Smart Approach

    Trademarks, Intellectual Property & Commercial Services


    Success starts with a NAME! Your brand name can become your most valuable asset. Our trademarks service creates and protects new and exciting brand names for the global market. If you need a new brand name for Australia it is critical that you get your brand name right from the start. We are ideal resource for companies and marketers developing new names for products, services, websites, apps, and re-branding. We are professional Trademark Attorneys with years of domestic and international experience. We protect ALL types of trademarks. So whether your brand has a name, logo, slogan, etc, and you want it protected that’s what we do. Our trademark services are a fast and a cost effective approach to protecting your valuable brands. Brian Goldberg is a Member of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA), which is the peak professional body representing Australian patent.


    The international marketplace is connected, active and now more accessible to Australian brands and companies than ever before. When you have your brand online or being exported, it is exposed to the international market and potentially the wrong people. We take a proactive approach and seek your trademark rights in your targeted international markets. Premier IP Ventures has a strong alliance with international trademark attorneys in practically every country. Based on our current trends the most popular countries to seek to protect your trademarks include USA, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and India. Each country has their own unique trademark focus and so we strongly suggest starting the international trademark process early in your brands growth. If you are wanting to protect your brand internationally, we are always willing to offer you an obligation free quote as a guide. Just complete the associated form.


    Secure your new domain name to maximise the opportunities for online success. If you need a winning domain name, we can make it easy for you. We have created an exclusive domain name portfolio that we are now offering. We have exciting domain names that are ideal for:

    • Banking & finance
    • Media & entertainment
    • Health
    • Professional Services
    • Social
    • Food
    • Religion
    • Education
    • & others

    If you would like to potentially buy our current domain names just


    Premier IP Ventures supports investors, innovators, technology companies and start-ups via our dynamic Intellectual Property (IP) advisory services. We provide IP quotes for all projects and grant applications. So whether the intention is to build a business, license or sell (exit) our specialist IP services aim to maximise the opportunities for success. IP is often the fundamental platform for any new & innovative business venture. That’s our expertise. Our IP services includes:

    • IP CHECK-UP [IP Audit, Analysis] We aim to reduce the risk of any business venture via our IP CHECK-UP, a fast and personalised IP audit and analysis. The first thing that must be done is to have us look at and review your innovative business concept, product or service from an IP perspective. We are experts at reviewing, identifying & capturing the intellectual property for any new innovation or start-up. This is essential before investing in the technology.
    • IP STRATEGY: When creating a technology and building the business model your IP needs to be carefully managed to ensure that you maximise your potential IP assets as well as not lose your IP rights through disclosures. We provide and implement your personalised IP strategy.
    • IP MANAGER: We manage all aspects of your intellectual property portfolio. Together with our carefully selected associates, we take responsibility to manage your IP and act as your one-stop IP manager.
    • Patents, Designs & Associated Legal Services: Patents, Designs & Associated Legal Services are all provided under our banner using our specialist associates to match your specific needs and budget. We act on your behalf to ensure you have all the IP and legal foundations in place to optimise your business venture.


    We believe that intellectual property must to be integrated with your commercialisation activities to maximize your business value, and that is where we specialise. We manage ALL the commercialisation activities for your entire business venture or we can provide our specialised services at any stage of the project. Starting with an innovation analysis, then developing a strategic commercialisation plan, providing marketing services and sales activities, representing you in business meetings and trade shows to connecting you to managing the entire business venture. We are passionate about commercialising your innovative business venture.

    • Project Management Outsource your entire innovative business venture to us and empower our expert team of commercialisation and start-up specialists to drive your commercialisation activities.
    • Innovation Analysis A sensible first step is to engage us to review your innovation concept and so we can provide honest and insightful feedback.
    • Commercialisation Strategy Every project is unique and we try hard to devise a personalised commercialisation strategy to creating a path to success.
    • Marketing Support & Execution We provide LEAN MARKETING SUPPORT for all new innovative business ventures. We offer a marketing review, marketing strategy and then the important implementation activities on-demand. A key area of focus is creating BRANDING and a brand story for all new trademarks. As part of our marketing support services we can represent you in business meetings, at trade fairs and international business activities and in the media. Our additional specialised commercial services includes: Grants Export Support Services


    Premier IP Ventures is a dynamic Intellectual Property (IP) advisory firm supporting exciting brands and innovations via our insightful and personalised IP services. We provide the full spectrum of strategic IP services to protect and maximise success for your innovation. You can either engage us on a task-by-task basis or you can outsource the entire project management to us. Our key services:


    • Trade Marks
    • Domain Names
    • Intellectual Property
    • Commercialisation

    Our IP services are ideal for investors, corporates, start-ups or individuals who have a business venture with an ‘innovative edge’. We focus on a wide array of innovations from a new business concepts, online businesses, websites, apps to new brands and products. So whether the intention is to build a business, license or sell (exit) our specialist IP services aim to maximise the opportunities for success. Founder and Executive Director Brian Goldberg has over 15 years of international experience and founded Premier IP Ventures to support new brands and innovations and build new success stories.



    ‘Masters in Intellectual Property Law’ (Monash University, 2004-2007)

    ‘Masters of Marketing’ (Monash University, 1999-2001)

    ‘Bachelor in Science’ (Monash University, 1991-1993)

    ‘Bachelor of Applied Science (PE)’ (Victoria University, 1994-1995)



    President, Investors Inc

    Partner, Trade Marks Attorney at EKM patent & trade marks, (South Yarra, Melbourne) Manager at INNOVIC – Victorian Innovation Centre, (Collins Street, Melbourne)



    Brian Goldberg is a Member of The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA), which is the peak professional body representing Australian patent and trade mark attorneys. Brian is currently on the committee for the International Trademarks Association (INTA). Brian is also a ten year member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). Connect with Brian on Linkedin


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